Thermosphere Electric Heating Cable 200metre 2400w


Thermosphere Electric Heating Cable 200metre 2400w


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Vario PRO Underfloor Heating System is the original patented system that combines electric underfloor heating cables with an uncoupling, crack isolation and waterproofing membrane.

With Vario PRO Underfloor Heating you can prepare difficult substrates, prevent uncoupling or delamination and install a flexible electric underfloor heating system all in one hit.

Applying a Vario PRO uncoupling membrane combined with electric underfloor heating gives the installer and the end user a complete professional flooring solution. The floor will be warm and comfortable, thanks to the electric underfloor heating, and because of the uncoupling membrane, the installer knows there will be no uncoupling or cracking issues down the line.


Vario PRO is easy to install. Fix the uncoupling membrane to the floor using a flexible tile adhesive and then lay the electric underfloor heating cables into the grooves in the matting until you’ve covered the desired area. Tiles can then be laid directly over the uncoupling membrane and underfloor heating cable.


Vario PRO Underfloor Heating can be controlled by our choice of thermostats including the Vario PRO Thermotouch 3.2aP WiFi enabled smartphone controlled Thermostat and our Vario PRO Thermotouch 4.3iC programmable touchscreen Thermostat.

The heating cable has an output of 12W/Lm and will provide 130W/m2 when spaced at 3 rows.

Please note this is for 200 Linear Metre Vario PRO Heating Cable only.

Vario PRO Mat Membrane must be purchased separately.



Weight 15.00 kg