DeviReg Touch Black Controller


DeviReg Touch Black Controller


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Devireg touch fully flexible and intuitive programmer, thermostat setup according to room and floor type (wooden floor safe), optional setup via code for multiple installations, fully flexible and intuitive programmer, 2 inch touch display in modern discreet design shortcut button for frost protection, disable timer, away, and off mode sensor failure monitor, consumption meter.
Devireg touch has been developed based on the insight that end-users wish to correctly programme or alter their underfloor heating settings first time, every time. Devireg touch is an intelligent, touch screen thermostat designed to be robust and user friendly, and provides the end-user with the perfect balance between comfoand energy usage. Note: one thermostat will control When installed on a 13amp fused spur, 100w timber 30m2, 150w concrete 20m2 200w concrete 15m2. When installed on a 16amp breaker in the consumer unit, 100w timber 35m2, 150w concrete 23m2 200w concrete 17m2 .



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