25KG Kerakoll H40 ECO Rapid Grey Adhesive


25KG Kerakoll H40 ECO Rapid Grey Adhesive


Kerakoll H40 ECO Rapid Grey Tile Adhesive is suitable for internal and external wall and floor tiles including Porcelain, Ceramics, Large Formats, Low thickness Slabs and Natural Stone.

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Areas Of Use:

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Aplications.

Floors and Walls.

Areas that are permanently damp and subject to thermal shock and freezing.

Cement and Lime based plasters and cement screeds.

Cement based levelling and self levelling products.

Existing flooring with glazed tiles, cement based and resin paving.

Underfloor heating systems.

Cement and synthetic resin-based waterproofing products.

Asphalt screeds.

Gypsum based plasters and Anhydrate based screeds / after Kerakoll primer used.

Rigid wood substrate.

​Open time of 30 Minutes.

Thickness up to 10mm.

Weight25 kg


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